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21:54-- yesitsme: no wait.. according to Mat's article they are CVEM (for unknown reason. Should be CEVM)
21:54-- yesitsme: Anyway, HATE THOSE. Too bright. They get in yer eyes 1/2 a mile away.
21:56-- yesitsme: I don't understand why the change of heart (reversal) on those. It must be totally in demand by businesses. They are trashy. We can do w/o them. Hopefully, they won't be allowing anymore of 'em in the Historic District at least.
22:03-- yesitsme: It doesn't say what the 'restrictions' still in place on 'em are.
22:04-- yesitsme: I doubt that is why you guys are here. There are way bigger fishies swimmin' around out there.
22:05-- yesitsme: :: SIGH.... ::
12:27-- Tex: I'm sure the reversal was due to some how making money from them by permits, licenses or something cuz it's always money motivated with a city...
15:47-- yesitsme: sho' seems like it sometimes
15:49-- yesitsme: They are not only in demand by businesses. Seems churches like them a lot too
15:50-- yesitsme: Next time you drive up or down Galloway Avenue in Mesquite, see how you like all those they have.
15:51-- yesitsme: .. the Baker's BBQ one in particular bugs me. I don't know why. Maybe because it's so close to the road.
15:52-- yesitsme: Just .... unnecessary
15:52-- yesitsme: and now... WE can have them tooooooo!
15:53-- yesitsme: The 'Vegas strip' look
16:56-- Tex: Seems it should run afoul of light pollution laws...If we had any...I don't understand why the power transfer station off of FM1641 up by "Irish" Ridge has to have lights on all night? It has jacked up my views of the stars since they put it in a few years back...I mean seriously who is paying for that wasted electricity and WHY does it need to be illuminated at night, all night?
22:32-- yesitsme: light pollution. It's real
2:55-- Bill: Not a fan of trashy lights and signs either. And I agree that looking at the stars used to be a privilege of living here. It really was nice once. People leave the city for the rural... so they can transfer the rural into what they moved away from.
14:36-- NTXump: Looking for someone to install a sprinkler system - any recommendations?
16:44-- DebbieKay: NTXUmp: Dale Daily of Daily Outdoors. Honest, hard-working man. 972-564-1152
16:44-- DebbieKay: He did our sprinkler system 2-3 years ago. He does out Talty Backflow Test yearly.
16:44-- DebbieKay: This year I am going to have him install a French Drain.
16:45-- DebbieKay: He is licensed.
17:51-- Gonzo: Billy Jack Sprinklers
20:12-- yesitsme: I looked up Sprinkler system installers - and Billy Jack was the first good ones I saw.
20:14-- yesitsme: Meanwhile; Anyone with much less 'care' want to sell me their pre-order for Nintendo 3DS XL - Legend of Zelda; Majora's Mask Limited Edition?
20:15-- yesitsme: If you got one (a pre-order - you RULE). Selling pre-orders is what it's down to now!
20:17-- yesitsme: Remember when I stated that Nintendo could stop selling products right this minute and still be riding high at production level profit for the next 40 to 50 years? IT'S REAL
20:59-- yesitsme: AND who here is going to file for City Council or Mayor tomorrow?
21:04-- yesitsme: AND EW. Ew. The 'Home' button on the top tab band (red) is moved over. Way over. The Home button was my go-to button since I look here so much. MAT! MAAAT! :|
21:06-- yesitsme: I think he needed to scoot stuff over to make room for 'North Texas' button. That used to have a permanent residence in the upper right side.
21:07-- yesitsme: ... and the silly Stock Ticker square on the right is gone. yay.
21:08-- yesitsme: Ahhhh. room. More room ... TO GROW
22:23-- yesitsme: One More. I am desperate to see the film 'The Wolfpack'. I don't know when or where I can yet.
22:25-- yesitsme: To me it's an incredible story. You'll just have to look it up if curious. Six brothers - 17 years.
23:10-- DebbieKay: If anyone is waiting for someone coming home from Dallas via 635 and 80 they are going to be very late. It is shut down completely due to an accident and it is unknown when it will reopen.
23:21-- DebbieKay: TV news just corrected their story about the traffic snarl. It is due to police activity, not due to an accident. Still don't know how long it will be shut down.

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TOPIC: Accident at Forney Community Park

Accident at Forney Community Park 2 years 7 months ago #1

  • forney9
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This accident was Saturday before the gathering at Forney Community Park for Matthew Defilippo...
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Re: Accident at Forney Community Park 2 years 7 months ago #2

  • momof4
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Wow. I hope they're ok.
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Re: Accident at Forney Community Park 2 years 7 months ago #3

I wonder how that happened??? That looks like the straight shot out of the park. I assumed it was back by the curve.
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Re: Accident at Forney Community Park 2 years 7 months ago #4

  • ranger1
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Someone on Facebook posted about seeing the kid take off from the parking lot(I assume down by the courts) then heard a crash.

The dumbass HS kids think they are cool and will take off from down there through the lot like it's a drag race then turn onto the main road coming into the park. I heard he was 17 and didn't have a license.
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Re: Accident at Forney Community Park 2 years 7 months ago #5

  • Write1
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Maybe parents need to have a sit-down with their teens to remind them about the rules of driving---before we have another tragedy in Forney this summer. Teenagers driving is just scary, I think I had 3 minor accidents between 16 and 18 years of age--and I was driving like a grandma!
“They're called 'facts', and my role is to amplify those, not cheerlead. And I don't care at all...
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