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21:07-- Gonzo: Yes, XHale is the voice of reason. Certainly not me.
21:32-- yesitsme: I don't know why this killed you sir. We figured out that Madres couldn't sell due to seat restrictions. We figured it out right here before your eyes.
21:36-- yesitsme: What we DIDN'T know for sure, is if she would consider the TABC license worth the hassle for her particular establishment on a personal level. Also, did not know she was one of the folks "leading the charge" as you put it - as her name never came up in the media concerning this. (If something was on facebook - it STAYS on facebook and the general public wouldn't know.)
21:37-- yesitsme: Also I mistakenly considered that Madres MIGHT be closed on Mondays. I couldn't remember. It's good to know they are not closed on Mondays.
21:39-- yesitsme: So for ME, Mondays and Tuesdays take out two big players only. Doe Belly's and 4T's. I guess that's not everyplace downtown. But it seems like it to me.
21:39-- yesitsme: It seems like I always want one of those when they're not open.
21:39-- yesitsme: Funny how it works that way.
21:43-- yesitsme: Guess where I'm going next time I'm looking for lunch/dinner downtown on a Monday or Tuesday?
22:11-- yesitsme: --- Hey! -- It's been a whole 3 weeks since there's been an accident reported for the area of Hwy80 and 460. Thanks goodness - that's wonderful.
22:14-- yesitsme: BUT... I've been charting them. (24 since January - an unbelievable, what has to be record setting - SEVEN in one day on 3/17) ........ This morning, there was a two vehicle accident on
22:15-- yesitsme: This morning, was a two vehicle accident on Hwy 80 and just west of Pinson.
22:16-- yesitsme: Do you think it was closer to Pinson than to 460? I didn't see it of course, and I want to know if I should count that in my list.
22:16-- yesitsme: If it was very near Pinson, I really don't think it will count.
1:21-- ForneyCitizen007: how can rick wilson campaign with the promise of a tax cut when the mayor does not have the power to make this happen alone?
3:23-- yesitsme: I imagine that's what's called 'Campaign Promises'. All politicians do it.
14:23-- yesitsme: Had to share; Whoooo Hooo Girl Power! Ages 9,12 & 14.; [youtube title='TheWarning'][/youtube]
14:25-- yesitsme: The little drummer girl blows me away. Also, check lead guitar girl @ 2:41
14:27-- yesitsme: Means nothing - but fact is, they're Mexican
16:50-- yesitsme: Admittedly drum part isn't very hard for that song... but she's got technique down perfectly.
22:18-- yesitsme: REWIND. So Hmmmm, if all politicians make Campaign Promises - what is Hil's gonna be? > Hillary Clinton. She's IN.
13:34-- Gonzo: Presidential candidates, Gubernatorial candidates, etc., etc. makes claims like this all the time. It's about what they will push for, even if they can't make it happen on their own. Having said that, I am certainly interested in hearing more from Wilson about where he would create a tax cut, what services or staffing would be impacted and how that all would play out.
13:35-- Gonzo: A tax cut always plays well in campaigning, but I am way more interested in the details. What tax would you how much...why that specific tax....and how do you make up the difference or what services do you cut back on? Because cutting taxes means less revenue, which means you have to make adjustments in your budget.
13:35-- Gonzo: I can't make the candidate forum next week, or else that would be my question. Maybe I will be in town for the other one.
15:20-- yesitsme: Those are real good questions. Maybe you can forward and authorize your questions to be asked by someone you know who will be able to attend. ... although the reply may not come back to you with the full experience of hearing it yourself.
15:20-- yesitsme: Hope you CAN do the second one.
15:23-- yesitsme: I am interested in hearing what his vision for downtown might be. I have noted that his opinion of removing the seat requirement for alcohol sales in the EOD (Entertainment Overlay District) was that it would be ... detrimental? I think that was the word used.
15:24-- yesitsme: I can't attend this one either --- hoping someone will ask that. ....... vision ... downtown
15:31-- yesitsme: Also... I don't know if J Stephan (Crumbzz) reads here or not - but he is advertising on his signboard now that they are OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK
15:32-- yesitsme: Yes. But only until 2:00 or 3:00 on weekends.
15:32-- yesitsme: I liked when he used to do Crumbzz at Night - with Tapas.
15:55-- yesitsme: Hwy80 & 460; The 3 week NO ACCIDENT streak has been broken. There was one on 4/11 and one yesterday. :(
18:24-- Tex: Last Friday between the "East Texas bound Ghost Train" dropped the gates for at least 10 minutes and that was after it put the traffic signal in the loop for train present on tracks cycle and then I finally got on west bound 80 only to stop I turned around and took the day off of work...I thought it to be a sign that my crappy week at work was just going to continue considering I left my house before 5:30 and by 6:00 I hadn't even made it past Pinson Rd...I ended up having lunch with my son at Rhea and then playing video games until school was out LOL pretty sad for a 51 year old man but it sure did reduce my stress level
15:15-- yesitsme: I'm sending a card to sweet Emily Hough today! That's not too much to ask to send cheer and a smile --
15:15-- yesitsme: She is one great little gal.
15:16-- yesitsme: ... and a fighter!

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TOPIC: Accident at Forney Community Park

Accident at Forney Community Park 2 years 10 months ago #1

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This accident was Saturday before the gathering at Forney Community Park for Matthew Defilippo...
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Re: Accident at Forney Community Park 2 years 10 months ago #2

  • momof4
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Wow. I hope they're ok.
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Re: Accident at Forney Community Park 2 years 10 months ago #3

I wonder how that happened??? That looks like the straight shot out of the park. I assumed it was back by the curve.
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Re: Accident at Forney Community Park 2 years 10 months ago #4

  • ranger1
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Someone on Facebook posted about seeing the kid take off from the parking lot(I assume down by the courts) then heard a crash.

The dumbass HS kids think they are cool and will take off from down there through the lot like it's a drag race then turn onto the main road coming into the park. I heard he was 17 and didn't have a license.
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Re: Accident at Forney Community Park 2 years 10 months ago #5

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Maybe parents need to have a sit-down with their teens to remind them about the rules of driving---before we have another tragedy in Forney this summer. Teenagers driving is just scary, I think I had 3 minor accidents between 16 and 18 years of age--and I was driving like a grandma!
“They're called 'facts', and my role is to amplify those, not cheerlead. And I don't care at all...
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