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21:05-- yesitsme: Try that for a sample.
21:07-- yesitsme: After that; only two more. At least until fall.
21:51-- yesitsme: Two more concerts scheduled that is.
12:02-- Tex: So if the weather is nice is it outside or is it always inside? They get a cut of the house profits is that just ticket sales or is there something else sold? Toby Lightman reminds me of Susan Tedeschi kind of with that sound...
12:04-- Tex: Where do you get tickets? Might make that next one if my GF and I are in Forney that weekend. Those streets are awfully narrow for street parking, I sometimes sit outside Christi's house while my daughter takes her lessons I always feel like I'm blocking the street...
12:06-- Tex: Although I absolutely hate socializing LOL I'm kind of a keep to myself type person, but I do love live music...
14:56-- yesitsme: haha... you crack me up.
14:57-- yesitsme: They are always inside. They tried it outside once - but the skeeters and bugs ate everyone alive. For the $15 people prefer to be inside. Outside acoustics are hard to deal with too.... ya want better sound quality for these.
15:04-- yesitsme: There is nothing else sold. Except the artists always sell their CD's if you want - which is nice because they will always autograph them for you, and it's a great chance to converse with them a little if you want to. It's BYOB - and just about everyone does...... there are also always snacks - like cheese and fruit and veggie trays and cookies and stuff with a donation bowl nearby.
15:10-- yesitsme: Buy tickets at ... there is a 'Buy Tickets' button next to each one where you pay with PayPal. Failing that - you can almost always buy them -at the door- if you don't know if you can go ahead of time. Cash, Check, or Credit cards at the door.
15:11-- yesitsme: The streets are a little narrow, but it's not high traffic and the 'hood deals with it just fine.
15:12-- yesitsme: You're not blocking the road! LOL
15:15-- yesitsme: I know you are a keep to yourself person.... haha. That's not a problem. You don't HAVE to socialize. You can just stay in your seat, or sit in a corner, or go outside on the porch or the yard during any intermission they may have and NOT socialize. Not everyone does. Many times there are people from out of town who do not care to.
15:16-- yesitsme: No big deal.
15:18-- yesitsme: You can get on Art Council Email list to be updated and reminded with all upcoming events including concerts if you want, so you don't miss. Text me your address if you want to @ 214-797-3233.
15:18-- yesitsme: That goes for ANYONE who may be reading.
15:19-- yesitsme: I love live music too........ Love love love... and that's what this is all about!
15:21-- yesitsme: Quality live music. Just wish we had a bigger venue place. Someday................. maybe.
15:23-- yesitsme: I bet when yer daughter is having lesson you can pull into the driveway if you wanted.
15:24-- yesitsme: Deep in the "forest" hahaha
15:31-- yesitsme: --O - one more. Actually there is a button on the Forney Arts website too where you can get on the 'Mailing List' ... which is email list.
15:31-- yesitsme: (You might not care to text me)
15:33-- yesitsme: Button is below the Tweets - above the Instagram. When you click it, you can also choose WHICH THINGS you want to be notified about. Doesn't have to be all things......
15:36-- yesitsme:
15:42-- yesitsme: I think if you try ONE House concert --- you'll be back for more!!!
15:59-- yesitsme: {BTW, I agree about the Susan Tedeschi - like sound, EXCEPT Susan is waaaay more bluesy)
16:00-- yesitsme: (where Toby leans towards Pop sometimes)
17:16-- Tex: I wanted to go see the Tedeschi Trucks band at the Majestic but to me the price was outrageous, although I did recently put down a chunk of change on tickets to see Mark Knopfler there in September. Toby did sound a little popish but that is okay i have been desensitized to pop music since I had kids LOL...It's not all bad...So will it just be her by herself then or will there be a band?
17:25-- yesitsme: Yay! Knopfler! Kinda cool!
17:26-- yesitsme: There isn't room in there for a 'band'. That's pretty much why they keep it to someone with a guitar. Occasionally they have a keyboardist or a percussionist with them or something.
17:29-- yesitsme: Again... venue. In Forney. On 80 (or I20) That doesn't cost so much as the one indoor one we do have - that's more for weddings and stuff like that.
17:30-- yesitsme: ... and number one - isn't related to a church.
17:31-- yesitsme: or a school. Public.
17:31-- yesitsme: Public venue.
17:37-- yesitsme: They're having a Meet the Candidates Forum at Mama's Diner? Huh. Seems Diner might be a little snug. Maybe not.

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TOPIC: Accident at Forney Community Park

Accident at Forney Community Park 2 years 9 months ago #1

  • forney9
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This accident was Saturday before the gathering at Forney Community Park for Matthew Defilippo...
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Re: Accident at Forney Community Park 2 years 9 months ago #2

  • momof4
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Wow. I hope they're ok.
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Re: Accident at Forney Community Park 2 years 9 months ago #3

I wonder how that happened??? That looks like the straight shot out of the park. I assumed it was back by the curve.
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Re: Accident at Forney Community Park 2 years 9 months ago #4

  • ranger1
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Someone on Facebook posted about seeing the kid take off from the parking lot(I assume down by the courts) then heard a crash.

The dumbass HS kids think they are cool and will take off from down there through the lot like it's a drag race then turn onto the main road coming into the park. I heard he was 17 and didn't have a license.
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Re: Accident at Forney Community Park 2 years 9 months ago #5

  • Write1
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Maybe parents need to have a sit-down with their teens to remind them about the rules of driving---before we have another tragedy in Forney this summer. Teenagers driving is just scary, I think I had 3 minor accidents between 16 and 18 years of age--and I was driving like a grandma!
“They're called 'facts', and my role is to amplify those, not cheerlead. And I don't care at all...
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