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17:23-- yesitsme: Yea - just do this one; [img=]
17:23-- yesitsme: ------ o gawd. It's hardly worth it. I quit.
17:24-- yesitsme: NVM
17:27-- yesitsme: anyway, it's like Random Finds has unique stuff just the same as most of the other Antique dealers have if you look hard. It's just that they get new stuff frequently, and they consign stuff.
17:28-- yesitsme: I think I'm gonna have to take my 4 working original Furbies over there. I still have and want to unload those dudes... but I'm not giving them away!
17:30-- yesitsme: That Schwinn bike? My mechanical tendencies came out when I was about 10, and I had a lot of fun customizing that thing.
2:32-- yesitsme: No NFL for me today - Peyton's magical night or not ----------------------------------------------
2:33-- yesitsme: It was The Walking Dead ... man. I was screaming, laffing, and $#*%ing myself all at the same time!
2:33-- yesitsme: OMG, it was goooood.
15:08-- Bill: Just saw the first episode. Have not seen the second yet.
15:09-- Bill: I find I have to go to Coppell during rush hour. The obvious route is LBJ but I fear traffic.
15:09-- Bill: Next route is 190 but the tolls are close to 20 bucks round trip.
15:10-- Bill: 114 is a possible route but I have to get through the Downtown canyon or weave my way around downtown.
15:11-- Bill: I am thinking of going 20 to spur 408 and then north on 408 and loop 12 to 114. At that point I am very close to Coppell. Anyone have an idea on congestion for that route or does anyone have a suggestion for the best route?
15:22-- yesitsme: just do it
15:30-- Bill: The question is ... do which? or perhaps ... do what?
15:46-- yesitsme: pick one and do it. :)
15:46-- yesitsme: Ok - not the $20 one
15:47-- yesitsme: Do LBJ and don't worry about traffic.
15:47-- yesitsme: Traffic happen
15:47-- yesitsme: s
15:48-- Bill: I seem to recall a story about Moses visiting Dallas and when the asked him about his trip he said it was fine but that parting the Red Sea was easier than driving on LBJ.
15:49-- Bill: Not sure if I believe the story.
15:56-- yesitsme: :|
15:56-- yesitsme: ;)
15:57-- yesitsme: Dairy Queen is opening a new store on Hwy80 and I20. They are hiring.
16:29-- ranger1: by the porn shops?
19:23-- DebbieKay: ??? 80 and 20 parallel O.O
19:54-- yesitsme: img
19:54-- yesitsme: I Dunno. There ya go... (See img). It says Hwy 80 and I20
19:56-- yesitsme: The porn shop area has a donut shop now - why not a DQ?
19:56-- yesitsme: Maybe the powers that be are allowing the XXX to fade away
19:58-- yesitsme: Haha. Dairy Queen - porn shops. Stuck me funny just now.
19:59-- yesitsme: *Struck
20:03-- Xhale: No, not by the THAT area! by the new Buc-ee's
20:04-- yesitsme: Ohh! Makes a lot more sense.

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TOPIC: La Hacienda

La Hacienda 2 years 3 months ago #1

  • SunDevil12
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Went to La Hacienda the other day, great service and really good food, i got the quesadillas, fast and fresh food
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Re: La Hacienda 2 years 3 months ago #2

  • yesitsme
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No matter how little 'love' some people think they get - I live around there (sort of), and I see a steady if not increasing amount of traffic going in there.. especially on weekend afternoons beginning Friday.
It's too hot - or cold - or mild ... outside
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