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23:16-- yesitsme: Mr. Exhibit A - lube. It's ok. But gave me pause for a second. Stain -- I was going whaaa? Stain? That would bring to mind EXTREMELY messy sex. But don't mind the word.
23:18-- yesitsme: They really just don't sound gross when you hear or form the words.
23:19-- yesitsme: ;)
3:51-- yesitsme: ------ back to ranger1 - Independence Day Celebration -- I even saw one fb comment where some woman says 'as tax payers who by the way pay city employees wages , a week early is a little unpatriotic'. I thought that comment was unpatriotic.
3:52-- yesitsme: She must do the city payroll or something.
16:25-- DebbieKay: Well since she pays everyone's wages then she should give them a raise. jajaja
16:26-- DebbieKay: Next year the 4th is on a Monday so maybe Independence Day will only be 2 days early.
16:29-- DebbieKay: If we want to get picky then we should celebrate on August 2nd. Check this out: http://www.constitutionfacts.com/us-declaration-of-independence/fascinating-facts/
11:36-- Tex: As far as not having fireworks on the actual 4th I'd say it HAS to be a LOT cheaper to have a pyrotechnics company put on a show the week before than it is on the actual 4th. Personally they could have a fireworks show in February and me and the kids would go.
11:36-- Tex: Back in the 90's Mesquite used to have fireworks and a carnival for Memorial day. Not sure what happened to that.
11:37-- Tex: Are ya'll aware Forney has a Community Band?
11:40-- Tex: The 4th of July celebration was great traffic wasn't too bad although I did park at the Justice Center, we had a great time I was suprised my 9 year old son did not want to go to any of the slides or anything he was content playing catch and tag with his older sister for 2 and 1/2 hours while we waited for the show...
11:41-- DebbieKay: Tex, this is the Community Band's second year if I reckon correctly. Made up of anyone who would like to play. They practice a couple of times in June and then play at the Independence Day event. I think the info is available on the Forney Arts Council website and/or FB page.
11:52-- DebbieKay: I stand corrected the FB page is Forney Community Band
11:54-- DebbieKay: Annnnd yes, this is/was their second year: http://www.forneyarts.org/concerts/forney-community-band/
15:56-- ranger1: It
15:57-- ranger1: I wonder how many pyro companies there even are. Probably a bidding war to get them on the 3rd or 4th. I doubt the people complaining have any intention of even going anyways
15:58-- ranger1: They should inform people of parking at the old first baptist church and walking, it's less than a mile. No sidewalk for about 100 yards of it, so they probably can't legally suggest that
15:59-- ranger1: or maybe a little over a mile from there once your zig zag on the park trail
20:31-- yesitsme: The "old" first Baptist church? You mean the one downtown?
20:32-- yesitsme: They were suggesting/advising the current First Baptist lot and the High School. But I gather people parked all over. I had some told me the parked at Kickapoo - and were definitely not alone.
20:35-- yesitsme: Thx, DK for the Community Band link! Yep for everyone, and yep, this year there will be a second performance (their 3rd) at the Spellman Amphitheater - in late July. ... in connection with ... NOTHING I guess. Just to do it.
20:35-- yesitsme: So there is still time to get in it for that. ------------- can I play djembe?
20:35-- yesitsme: hahah
20:36-- yesitsme: I think goal --someday-- is to have the ability to play for many occasions, like Christmas, etc.
20:37-- yesitsme: Just like in many communities that have one, it's a great outlet for band kids who can't get enough, and especially even aged-out ex band people, who don't much get the opportunity to do it anymore.
20:39-- yesitsme: It is DEFINITELY in collaboration w FISD.
20:42-- yesitsme: Fireworks event; ... and there ya go - Tex parked at Justice Center. They WERE letting people out of the park with the driveway/road at the Justice Center right? Guessing most don't know about that road - STILL.
20:42-- yesitsme: I'm sure traffic was still backed up in front of that outlet.
20:44-- yesitsme: Community Band again: did you HEAR them Tex?
20:45-- yesitsme: Nice touch to the Celebrations IMO
11:00-- Tex: I did not listen to them but my daughter was over there as one of her friends is in it, my daughter would have been in it had we known about it but by the time we found out about it we had family drama and what not and my daughter was tied up every weekend. She will probably try to join maybe once school starts, summer is bad logistically for divorced kids when one parent doesn't live in town.
11:03-- Tex: They were letting people exit out of Justice Center dr, it seemed to be flowing better than last year although I was not stuck in the back of one of the lots with only one exit like I was last year.
11:05-- Tex: Only the big lot has 2 exits and they really wouldn't help with a big event so I doubt I'll ever park in ther efor an event that when it's over has a mass exit, the halloween thing people come and go concert and fireworks everyone leaves at the same time.
11:07-- Tex: I don't think I've entered or exited the park from the main road since they opend Justice Center dr...It is just so much easier...Shhhh don't tell everybody though...

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TOPIC: La Hacienda

La Hacienda 3 years 1 week ago #1

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Went to La Hacienda the other day, great service and really good food, i got the quesadillas, fast and fresh food
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Re: La Hacienda 3 years 1 week ago #2

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No matter how little 'love' some people think they get - I live around there (sort of), and I see a steady if not increasing amount of traffic going in there.. especially on weekend afternoons beginning Friday.
It's too hot - or cold - or mild ... outside
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