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15:22-- yesitsme: In Our Times department: Movie theaters are wrestling with issues of security now.
15:23-- yesitsme: Regal Cinemas have started checking bags of movie goers. They haven't said why, but it's probably not to see if you're sneaking in snacks or bev.
15:25-- yesitsme: IMO, maybe time for theaters to get metal detectors for the doors -- like schools. Not fair to put their (often) teenage employees on task of checking my bag.... that shouldn't be on them!
15:25-- yesitsme: That's enough internet for today!!
18:31-- Tex: So a couple of crazies shoot up a theater or two and now we should have metal detectors? I'm thinking maybe you might need REDBOX... I think a nationwide open carry law would solve the problem much cheaper...
18:37-- Tex: I was suprised a few weeks ago when I was in St Louis that they had a very sensible policy at their metal detector for going up in the arch, too many times I have been turned away for my perfectly LEGAL pocket knife when going to sporting events or what not, at the arch as long as your blade was legal (blade no longer than 3 inches) you just put it in the box for the xray machine and went about your busisness like it should be my son and I emptied our pockets between us we both had pocket knives and no one batted an eye
23:44-- yesitsme: All I can say is_ it's been more than "a couple". The number climbs.
23:45-- yesitsme: If theaters are that concerned about security, just saying I'd rather the people go thru metal d than have kids check bags.
23:46-- yesitsme: No comment on open carry.
23:57-- yesitsme: You never know when you're gonna need yer trusty blade.
23:57-- yesitsme: I'm down w the procedure they used.
11:29-- Tex: Texas where so many people carry pocket knive, the LAST time I went to the State Fair I poop you not I was turned away because I had a tiny pocket knofe that had a blade of less than 2 inches, I had to either throw it away or take it back to the car, so I hiked back put it in the car went to the fair and haven't been back since...Not sure about Ranger games I always just leave in in the car much to my chagrin...I feel like I don't have my wallet when I don't have my knife. I've carried a paocket knife since 9th grade back then you could carry one to school without getting in trouble
18:53-- yesitsme: I getcha.... it's a 'thing'. (to carry your pocket knife, and for so long.)
18:53-- yesitsme: Is it 'knife' or 'knive'?
18:54-- yesitsme: (knives of course, plural)
18:57-- yesitsme: Those are not 'weapons' as much as they are tools. --- they can be USED as a weapon, I guess. But at 2" what kind of weapon is that? Hell... a person could use a rock as a 'weapon'.
18:58-- yesitsme: They should allow you to carry those in many of the places they aren't.
11:35-- DebbieKay: School begins today. Please drive safely in school zones. Keep your eyes on the road!!!
13:03-- Tex: How about that new traffic light in front of FHS? that ought to help those kids get out of there safely huh? I can see them adding 2 more on that street before all is said and done...Chestnut Medows and at Monitor...So what are the 2 new things they are building on the corner by FHS? I think one was rumored to be a 7/11 what is the other?
14:49-- yesitsme: Another thing scheduled for that intersection is a large veterinary hospital
14:50-- yesitsme: ... a NEW one. Not a relocation of one we already had.
15:01-- yesitsme: OH... yea. Had to go back and look. The 2nd thing on the SAME corner is an automatic car wash.
15:02-- yesitsme: ... and yea, we all wish for a Full Service car wash, but it's not.
17:35-- yesitsme: "Coker says the [FISD school] district is anticipating the enrollment figures to continue to increase due to healthy economic factors and a number of proposed new housing developments within the district’s boundaries." ------- No kidding. You don't say.
17:41-- yesitsme: ... and THIS kid, he's in Big Trouble. He's 22. I doubt he was really trying to pull people over. I'm betting the fool thought he was pulling funny pranks w his little light rig..... it's not funny and as he's finding out --- very illegal. http://inforney.com/crime/item/3584-police-impersonator-jailed-victims-sought
17:42-- yesitsme: AND to further prove his dumbassness... he's doing this at 4 in the morning - while 'holding'.
17:43-- yesitsme: :S :: scratching my head ::
17:45-- yesitsme: One more.. one more! Hahah. He resides in the perfect place for 'I'm: Tool. Tool, Texas
15:34-- Tex: I remember what happened the last time the anticipated higher enrollment figures...
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13:13-- yesitsme: Today, President Obama is expected to change the name of Mt. McKinley to Denali, which is what Alaskans have been calling it for years.
15:51-- Tex: Hmmm just what we need...Was McKinley a racist or something? Wouldn't want to honor a former president of the US by naming a mountain after him...Next up renaming the White House to just "The House"

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TOPIC: La Hacienda

La Hacienda 3 years 2 months ago #1

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Went to La Hacienda the other day, great service and really good food, i got the quesadillas, fast and fresh food
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Re: La Hacienda 3 years 2 months ago #2

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No matter how little 'love' some people think they get - I live around there (sort of), and I see a steady if not increasing amount of traffic going in there.. especially on weekend afternoons beginning Friday.
It's too hot - or cold - or mild ... outside
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