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19:19-- yesitsme: ---- Yahoo News SO cracks me up a lot of times; They are buzz mongers. In their headlines right now they have one Headline about 172 people on a Cruise becoming ill -- right next to Headline about 8 Great Cruise deals for 2015. They do that on purpose!!!!
16:31-- yesitsme: ----ECHO in the Leo's sock box. C'mon folks! Put some in there!----
5:36-- yesitsme: This one's for you Tex: Nov.29th -
3:50-- a_beach_somewhere: YIM: Is Wal-marts open 24 hours on Thanksgiving? I think I'll go to Wal-marts and shop that day.
6:11-- yesitsme: Wal-marts......... :S
6:12-- yesitsme: Thanks for that. Hahah
6:13-- yesitsme: That's ANOTHER one!
6:16-- yesitsme: RE Sakura 4-1-1 thread......... Does anyone get wings from Wingstreet that is in there w the Pizza Hut in N.Forney? How do THOSE wings stack up?
6:17-- yesitsme: ... or does everyone just pretty much forget they have those there?
18:49-- Gonzo: Wingstreet - below average
21:44-- yesitsme: ahh hah. Thanks.
16:31-- ranger1: I'm sure it's right in line with their crappy pizza
18:00-- yesitsme: Ouch. I like their pizza the best. Don't even start! We've already established that everyone likes different pizza. That is why we have/need to have so many choices.
18:01-- yesitsme: (I'll bring up the days -again- when we only had ONE. You liked it, or you got it from out of town instead) Hahahah! They're are still here. With buffet. Can't remember last time I ate there.
18:01-- yesitsme: )
18:02-- yesitsme: Really.. it's not too bad either. Just .... sauce a little 'different'.
18:03-- yesitsme: Hope I didn't call up the Pizza War.
18:05-- yesitsme: BTW, I know for a fact that some local pizza purveyors pay close attention to us whenever we do have a Pizza War.
18:06-- yesitsme: ... or at least they USED to.
18:37-- Tex: VIVA LA NAPOLIS!!!!! the best cheese pizza this side of the Pecos!!!!
20:02-- ranger1: I'll still eat it lol. They are still the only place local you can get stuffed crust.
20:02-- ranger1: Did you ever go to Cane Rosso? Was that you?
2:26-- DebbieKay: Gas $2.50 a gallon at Walmart today. Made me do a double-take.
4:32-- yesitsme: eeeyea. I read the gas prices were falling (for holidays) -- and waaaay more people are planning to drive rather than fly this year too.
4:32-- yesitsme: Just fed up w all the additional fees when flying. Fed. Up. Done.
4:33-- yesitsme: ... and the flying hassles too. (Airlines will not be passing the fuel savings to customers - but pocketing it.)
4:39-- yesitsme: There it is again!! ouch ouch owwwch! 3 comments tonight on the new Zanata article mention them by name -- ALL THREE put that dang 's' at the end.
4:40-- yesitsme: NOT ZANATAS. No. Z a n a t A.
4:40-- yesitsme: A... A ... AAAAAaaa at the end.
4:41-- yesitsme: Screw it. Don't matter. They ain't comin'. It will pass.
16:18-- DebbieKay: Keep the shiny side up and the dirty side down.
4:03-- yesitsme: Happy to report the announcement at the Luis Rodriguez Benefit dinner was; Over $14,000.00 raised!!
4:04-- yesitsme: That was total of funding page, Dinner, and Auction so far. Funding page can still add more.
4:05-- yesitsme: That's a pretty wonderful outpouring of <3 and support for an extremely wonderful family.
4:06-- yesitsme: THAT's my Forney!

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TOPIC: La Hacienda

La Hacienda 2 years 5 months ago #1

  • SunDevil12
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Went to La Hacienda the other day, great service and really good food, i got the quesadillas, fast and fresh food
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Re: La Hacienda 2 years 5 months ago #2

  • yesitsme
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No matter how little 'love' some people think they get - I live around there (sort of), and I see a steady if not increasing amount of traffic going in there.. especially on weekend afternoons beginning Friday.
It's too hot - or cold - or mild ... outside
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