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14:25-- jaxielovesJesus: Mornin fokks
14:25-- jaxielovesJesus: folks
23:55-- dstuart101: My daughter and I both attended Eastfield - no "in county" tuition was ever offered to us.
13:28-- CSandone: Good morning. I am new to the forum, but I noticed this thread and I wanted to comment. My name is Cody Sandone and I am one of the owners of the Vapor Spot.
16:57-- yesitsme: Welcome Cody!! (I replied to your thread post).
16:58-- yesitsme: --- InForney Vapers, you got a deal coming! ---
16:58-- yesitsme: [Uh, there is probably three. Meh]
16:59-- yesitsme: My remaining question... IS there a Vape Store (specializing) on 548 or not?
17:00-- yesitsme: ... 548 in Forney
17:03-- yesitsme: I forgot to say to you Cody ---- CONGRATS on your business, and I wish you SUCCESS!
17:06-- yesitsme: [I really figured Vapor Spot for a chain .. or at least franchise. Is it?]
0:08-- yesitsme: Ok_LOL
0:09-- yesitsme: Made me -literally- laugh out loud a few times. (He wants to hit me on the head with a crowbar now) Actually I have to watch it about 24 more times to get all of it. SOME of it is -right at me! ... Like using quotations for (and other stuff I use) for emphasis.
0:11-- yesitsme: AND, it's funny on a couple of levels too. Like the music video parody visuals.
0:17-- yesitsme: "it's really fantastic!" - you write like a spastic. What's wrong with "really fantastic"?
0:18-- yesitsme: and ha! on "get out of the gene pool - try not to drool"
17:53-- yesitsme: If any business or person wants to sponsor for FHS March-A-Thon this year, Deadline is August 4th to do that. is the contact.
17:54-- yesitsme: The March-A-Thon is August 16th. I don't know the route for it this year yet. It ENDS at the Spellman Amphitheater w the free (brief) concert by the band.
17:56-- yesitsme: ... at Noon
23:16-- Calvinator24: The availability for Forney students at Eastfield was as part of the Dual-credit program.
23:16-- Calvinator24: This option is no longer available.
1:23-- DebbieKay: Forney ISD is one of the "participating" schools in the Dual Credit program at Eastfield according to your link.
17:38-- Gonzo: Seems to me then that Dual Credit and In District are not the same thing
1:29-- DebbieKay: "tuition is waived for eligible students" is usually code for "attends a Title I school" or is eligible for free/reduced lunches. Maybe the people he knew received "in district" tuition rates because of this. I know some tests (PSAT, AP, etc., have some sort of reduced fees based on eligibility for free/reduced lunches).
13:37-- Tex: John Wiley Price was arrested this morning..."Teflon John" is not worried...
17:15-- yesitsme: Anyone want to give me a review on the Quarter Auction event? How was it? (I couldn't go)
17:15-- yesitsme: How did it - w o r k - ? Was it basically a give-away? I read they expected 30 vendors here... what TYPE of vendors?
17:17-- yesitsme: I should really try to get Mat to get someone to do reviews AFTER events... THAT I would like to see.
20:39-- yesitsme: -- A little Friday afternoon 'Story' for ya; heh hehh. They're booked in Dallas. --
20:39-- yesitsme: video
20:40-- yesitsme: [One minute Video]
20:42-- yesitsme: LOL; Mutton Gut
0:05-- yesitsme: ------ The Walking Dead Thread ------ 4 years - 49 pages - and WHAT?!? @@! ... it says 10.5k views.
0:07-- yesitsme: It's only July. It's waaay too early for AMC to be teasin' me w these preview/teaser clips. Thrill won't last until October.

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TOPIC: La Hacienda

La Hacienda 2 years 1 month ago #1

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Went to La Hacienda the other day, great service and really good food, i got the quesadillas, fast and fresh food
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Re: La Hacienda 2 years 1 month ago #2

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No matter how little 'love' some people think they get - I live around there (sort of), and I see a steady if not increasing amount of traffic going in there.. especially on weekend afternoons beginning Friday.
It's too hot - or cold - or mild ... outside
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