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16:05-- yesitsme: Meanwhile they got MOVIES IN THE PARK still.
16:07-- yesitsme: Starting this Friday @ 8:00PM. The Sandlot.
16:08-- yesitsme: It's kinda sad.
16:08-- yesitsme: There is some great live music coming periodically to 400 S. Center Street w Forney LIVE by FAC
16:10-- yesitsme: Cost is almost always $15, and the talent comes from places like Nashville, Austin, even CA .. and Dallas
16:10-- yesitsme: There is a really good one this Saturday.
16:12-- yesitsme: There is supposedly (I haven't stopped by yet) a free Country, Gospel, Folk guitar circlegetting together on Friday nights at the Country Smokehouse (or whatever it's called now) on 1641.
17:07-- Tex: So if Forney would suck it up and allow people to bring in alcohol to the summer concerts like Plano and Rockwall do their attendance might go up...
19:59-- yesitsme: Yea....
19:59-- yesitsme: I'm starting to think that the location chosen for the Amphitheater was the worse possible.
20:01-- yesitsme: Not only is it an alcohol roadblock for many - BUT; the last summer concert I attended there (The Volunteers - the military tour band) ... was SO poorly attended, and people told me it was partially due to the parking situation.
20:03-- yesitsme: They didn't 'hold' any parking places back for the concert audience, and the parking was FILLED with simultaneous soccer and peewee (I think) football crowds.
20:03-- yesitsme: The lack of parking made many just turn around and go
20:03-- yesitsme: away. Go on.
20:05-- yesitsme: I don't think Mick stipulated that 'his' Amphitheater had to be in a community park. I could be wrong.
20:06-- yesitsme: Before all the land is gone... I really wish some big pocket would build an Event Center.
20:07-- yesitsme: We could have concerts done right - and we could save thousands and thousands on holding our own graduation ceremonies - and even those of surrounding areas.
20:08-- yesitsme: Something that holds 8 to 10 thousand.
20:08-- yesitsme: I'd settle for 5 to 8k.
22:55-- jaxielovesJesus: YIM: things are definitely looking better. I have one paper left to fill out for the divorce to be filed, I just need someone who can read "jargon", this paperwork has made my IQ drop about 20 points, haha
22:57-- jaxielovesJesus: and for my two cents, I am not opposed to allowing alcohol in the Amphitheater, my only request would be for there to be extra security to make sure some don't take advantage. I believe most would stay in control, but there is always that one person or group that tries to spoil things for everyone.
22:58-- jaxielovesJesus: I had heard a rumor or suggestion about Shakespeare in the park, that might be interesting as well. I'm for anything to bring the Community closer and for more entertainment. Now that I homeschool DD I can be out later and have more freedom with events. Same goes for being single, no one to report to, (woohoo) lol :D
16:08-- yesitsme: Ha. Heh heh.
13:09-- Tex: Funny thing is if you go to the concerts by the lake in Rockwall, it is packed 80% or more of the people are drinking, there is a big mix of ages there and I have never seen any trouble what so ever and it is BYOB no some "beer garden" where you are corralled in a pen forced to by over priced draft beer...I've been to a couple of concerts at Plano's amphitheater in the summer and they were BYOB and they had concessions selling food again big mix in age groups and no problems.
13:11-- Tex: The city needs to buy up the remainder of the land behind the amphitheater out to College street.
14:41-- yesitsme: Just like sales of beer and wine has passed in Forney, they should just keep trying for the Amphitheater. Chances are one day it won't meet the solid opposition that it did before.
14:41-- yesitsme: Eventually, it could be allowed.
14:47-- yesitsme: Tex, have you gone to any of the concerts? Has lack of having your own beer kept you from it?
14:47-- yesitsme: (Concerts at the Spellman)
14:48-- yesitsme: Just put a couple in your cooler that they let you bring in and don't check when you enter.
14:49-- yesitsme: What's the worse that could happen?
15:59-- jaxielovesJesus: I'm surprised people don't put it in a thermos and bring it in. As long as one is discreet who would know?
16:02-- jaxielovesJesus: And since the beer/wine has passed, perhaps it will loosen up people. I wish they could do a trial run to see if it doesn't boost attendance. And I definitely think byob would be the way to go. Granted they would make $$$ on the sales but if you're putting on a free concert then selling over priced drinks would cancel it out.
18:07-- Tex: No it doesn't really keep me from going I just mix up a hard drink in a cup and or throw a pre-mixed jug in my cooler, that is what I do for the fireworks and the movies in the park, there really wasn't anyone playing that I was interested in when I had the free time. I did take the kids to the movies in the park a couple of times that is fun although the kids don't exactly watch the movies but they get to socialize so that is okay they leave me alone and I watch the movies LOL
18:08-- Tex: No selling of beer and wine it needs to be BYOB to get the people. At some point you have to take money out of being the main focus and bringing people in to the main focus...
18:09-- Tex: It works really well for Rockwall but they have shops and restaurants that have a stake in the concert series attendance as well

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TOPIC: La Hacienda

La Hacienda 2 years 9 months ago #1

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Went to La Hacienda the other day, great service and really good food, i got the quesadillas, fast and fresh food
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Re: La Hacienda 2 years 9 months ago #2

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No matter how little 'love' some people think they get - I live around there (sort of), and I see a steady if not increasing amount of traffic going in there.. especially on weekend afternoons beginning Friday.
It's too hot - or cold - or mild ... outside
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